Want to buy a VW campervan in Portugal, convert your VW van or purchase a conversion kit online? We're here to help!

Buying a VW campervan from Siesta Campers

We Sell both. Our pre-owned VW campers are well looked after, usually with low miles and plenty of extras. If you prefer to purchase a brand new VW campervan or motorhome, we can help. Since we purchase many vans from VW, we can often get them at a better price than pretty much anyone else! Speak with our team to know more or see our VW campervans for sale. If you’re interested in campervan hire in Portugal, or campervan hire in Spain, we can help with that too!
We sell vans out of 3 locations in Portugal: Faro, Lisbon and Porto. Each campervan listed for sale on our website gives the location. Take a look at the listing that interests you so see where the van is located to schedule a viewing.
We handle these types of requests on a case by case basis. For more information please contact our team directly.
At this time we do not offer financing.
Yes, please contact our team directly for more information on what’s included in after purchase care.

Converting a VW van you already own

We specialize in classic and modern VW campervans. However, some of our modular campervan kits fit a variety of vans. If you’d like us to convert your van, please contact our team directly and have the vehicle information ready.
Conversions typically take between 2-4 weeks depending on seasonality and the extent of the conversion. Please keep in mind our shop gets very busy during the summer time. We recommend beginning the conversion process during fall and winter.
Whether you’re looking for a full campervan conversion or want to ensure minor modifications are done right, we offer a wide range of services so you can get the most enjoyment possible from your VW van. See campervan conversion prices.
All conversions take place at our HQ in Algarve.

Campervan conversion kits

Yes, our ready to install furniture kits and conversion parts are available for purchase on-line.
We accept all major credit cards.
At this time we ship anywhere in the EU.
We specialize in classic and modern VW campervan conversion kits, but we also offer removable camping pods that fit a variety of van models.
Yes, all of the campervan conversion kits we sell are manufactured in house using top of the line CNC equipment and responsibly sourced materials.
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