Want to buy a VW campervan in Portugal, convert your VW van or purchase a conversion kit online? We're here to help!

Buying a VW campervan from Siesta Campers

We Sell both. Our pre-owned VW campers are well looked after, usually with low miles and plenty of extras. If you prefer to purchase a brand new VW campervan or motorhome, we can help. Because we purchase many vans from VW, we can often get them at a better price than pretty much anyone else! Speak with our team to know more.
We operate out of 3 locations in Porgual: Faro, Lisbon and Porto. Each campervan for sale on our website gives the location, so take a look at the listing that interests you.

Converting a VW van you already own

Campervan conversion kits

Yes, our ready to install furniture kits and conversion parts are available for purchase on-line.
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